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Bump AAA USB Rechargeable Polymer Lithium Battery 4 Pack

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Key Features:

  • ULTRA CONVENIENT--No charging base required. Just plug into any USB port to charge with the Integrated Micro-USB charging ports.
  • LONG LASTING--Recharge up to 1000 times.
  • NEXT GENERATION-- Polymer Lithium Batteries work on any device that requires standard batteries AA or AAA such as Remotes, Toys, Keyboards, Mouse etc.
  • REUSABLE -- Fast charge time of about 90 minutes.

AARecharge up to 1000 times
Our world is increasingly populated with wireless and electronic devices and battery consumption has risen significantly in recent years. Every year over 15 Billion disposable batteries are produced & sold worldwide - equivalent to a column of batteries going to the moon and back. A majority of these end up in landfills and are one of the main culprits of toxic waste. With ongoing advances in rechargeable batteries and chargers, single use batteries can now be replaced with higher capacity, next generation rechargeable Lithium batteries. Bump batteries charge faster and last longer in today’s high-tech electronics and most importantly can be re-charged up to 1000 times with no memory effect or loss of power.

Integrated Micro-USB charging ports with Cable

  • Recharge in any standard USB port
  • Use in Remotes, Toys, Keyboards, Mouse etc
  • No charging base required.

At first glance a bump battery is not noticeably different than a standard battery; the difference is immediately noticeable when you see the micro USB connection. Simply plug the supplied micro USB cable into a standard USB powered port to charge. While the battery is charging a red led will glow at the top and will turn off when fully charged.

At home, in the office or on the go, recharging batteries has never been easier than with our latest generation of Polymer Lithium batteries. Simple to use just plug into any USB outlet to recharge.
Everyday choices have a huge impact. Recharge up to 1000 times and save hundreds and hundreds of alkaline batteries from waste.
Charge on your office computer, laptop, car or at home with our unique 4-1 charging cable.
Making a Positive impact has never been easier. Bump batteries are sustainable, superior technology, and cost effective easy to use solution for all your battery needs.
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